Player Incentive Award

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Active Member Award

PICricharddriesDick Dries

Booster Club Awards


Job Description

Appointed by the newly elected Board

a) Nancy Milliman did a lot for youth hockey in the Rochester area. By naming the Rochester Americans Exec Foundation as the award recipient, it enables the players incentive awards to go towards donations to youth hockey teams throughout the Rochester area
b) This will enable the Booster Club to keep the memory of Nancy Milliman going while being able to give back to Rochester Youth teams at the same time
c) A $50.00 incentive is awarded for each of the following: Shut Out by a Goalie, Hat Tricks and/or Four Point Nights by a Defensemen
d) The box scores are monitored after each game
e) When a player receives one of the above, a copy of the box score is kept and submitted to the Treasurer at the end of the year
f) A spreadsheet will be created, identifying the player, the date of the achievement and the category ( Shut Out, Hat Trick and/or Four Points)
g) Awards chairman to submit a voucher to Treasurer for a check, made out to the Rochester Americans Exec Foundation with final total, with box scores and a copy of spreadsheet for year end check
h) Minimum Donation to charity, with vote of Booster Club, for $500.00
i) Awards Chairman with the Team Captain will present the check to the Rochester Americans Exec Foundation Chairperson at year end ceremony

a) This will include events from October 1st to March 31st
b) A tally of all members attending club sponsored functions, including but not limited to Monthly General Meetings, Meet the Players Dinner, Bus Trips, Wives/Girlfriends event, Visiting Booster Club parties and Charity related events. Basically any event the entire membership can participate in, with recorded attendance sheets
c) Obtain an updated membership list from the Members Chairman to validate Booster Club Members. This to include additions and/or changes through the year
d) Obtain an attendance list from the chairperson responsible for each event
e) A spreadsheet will be kept for each individual with a tally for each time that person attends an event
f) After the March 31st and before the April General Meeting, the number of chances will be created to equal the number of times that a person participated in this years events
g) The drawing will be held at the April General Meeting
h) A budget of $200.00 will be used to obtain approximately 10-15 quality raffle prizes. The Awards Committee to ask outside organizations, using a form letter, for donations to enhance list of prizes. President or appointee to approach the Rochester Americans office for donated items. The more prizes the better
i) A voucher submitted to Treasure to obtain budget amount with follow up of expense report at April General Meeting
j) Only one prize per name drawn and you must be present to win
k) A thank you letter to be sent to organizations who made donations outside the budget amount

One Booster Buck per month, during regular season, October through April for Award Chairman and Assistants