Exec Foundation

Executive Director
Patrick Lerum
Job Description

The Exec Foundation receives a portion of the income from the 50/50 tickets that are sold at every home game. Although the income is limited, the Foundation does its best to give as much money as possible to various hockey and charitable organizations, as requested by grant applications, to support their needs and activities. Over the past season, grants have been given to numerous organizations. Please notify Patrick Lerum, Mark Polizi, or Mary Dibble, if a hockey or charitable organization needs a grant application to request a monetary donation from the Exec Foundation.


Mark Polizi
Youth Hockey

Exec Foundation Forms:

Exec Foundation Grant Application

1. It is the responsibility of each applicant to apply for funds using this form.
Funding for grants are provided by the fund raising efforts of the Rochester Americans Booster
Club. A hockey team or charity willingness to help with fund raising efforts for the Amerks
Booster Club at an Amerks hockey Game is always appreciated. Please indicate this offer on the
grant application.
2. All funds are granted on a time basis with a maximum grant of $ 500.00 per grant.
3. Each request must have a separate application.
4. The following funding criteria must apply. The request must fall under one of the following
a. Youth Hockey
b. Community Charity
5. Applications are required to show the need for the requested funding.
6. Request are to demonstrate the local impact of the grant.
7. Have you requested or received past funding from the Exec Foundation? (If so, please demonstrate the impact of past funding and final results).
If there are any questions, please call Patrick Lerum at 315-573-1379

Describe exact needs and plans for the use of the grant, if approved. Specify if needed by a certain date / and how this will benefit your organization, hockey and the Greater Rochester community. Please advise if you will send pictures of the success of the event, and how the Booster club contribution has impacted the event while raising awareness of the Rochester Americans Booster Club.
List below any past grants for the Exec Foundation and how funds were used, results of the funding, and how they impacted the Greater Rochester Community.
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