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  • Kelly Toombs

Newsletter Editor:

  • Nicole Pierce

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Membership Information

Membership applications are accepted beginning August 1st and runs through the final game at the end of the season. You may turn in your application to the Booster Club table at home games. Or click on the Membership Application button below, download, print, complete, enclose with check or money order and mail to:

Rochester Americans Booster Club
PO Box 26454
Rochester, NY 14626

It’s Always Membership Time!

Membership Form for 2015-2016 Season


Why Join the Booster Club?

  1. Make new friends: Amerk club members, other AHL team fans, Amerk players and Amerk Office Personnel.
  2. Attend Booster Club Functions: Meet The Players Dinner, Christmas Party, Summer Functions, Euchre Tournament, and more.
  3. Have fun at the games, selling 50/50 tickets, Jersey Raffle Tickets and handouts.
  4. Attend the General Meeting each month and get a chance to win door prizes. Be in the drawing for Active Member of the Month if you worked at one of the games from the previous month. We also sell 50/50 tickets at each meeting and your input into the activities of the Booster Club are welcome and very important.
  5. Support the community. The Exec Foundation uses the proceeds from the sales of 50/50 tickets to provide grants to hockey and non-hockey organizations.
  6. The Club also provides holiday gifts and food to the needy. In the past, we’ve donated food and Christmas presents to needy families, and provided over 30 Easter Baskets for needy children and Easter Dinner for our 2 Christmas families.
  7. Travel on excursions to other cities to support our Amerks and meet with other AHL Booster Clubs. There are also other activities on the bus trips when we are not cheering on our Amerks.
  8. Attend the American Hockey League Booster Club Convention and make new friends from other cities.
  9. Receive Passing the Puck, the Rochester Americans Booster Club Newsletter each month to stay up to date on all the happenings of the club and the hockey team.


Job Description

Elected by the Booster Club Members at a General Meeting

a) Attend General and Board Meetings on a regular basis, if unable to attend, send a representative or assistant
b) Give verbal updates at the monthly Board Meeting
c) Give verbal report at the monthly General Meeting, submit a written report to the Secretary, if necessary
d) Be available on Game Nights for accepting Membership application and collecting dues, answering questions or concerns regarding the Newsletter
e) Submit Receipts and monies collected to Treasurer in a timely manner
f) Provide all receipts on monies spent to the Treasurer in a timely manner.

a) Pick up mail at Post Office box
b) Distribute mail to proper Chairperson
c) Card to Sunshine Committee Chairperson
d) File other Booster Club Newsletter
e) Share other Booster Clubs Newsletter at Meetings and at games. No need to keep

a) Submit Membership cards to President, in April, to be signed
b) Distribute Membership applications, via Newsletter, in August
c) Receive Membership dues and distribute cards at General Meetings and home games
d) Cards can be on regular paper stock, laminated
e) Maintain current Membership lists, updating as needed and distribute to all committee’s chairperson plus Awards Committee
f) Include only other Booster Clubs that send Newsletter to us
g) Create and maintain Membership labels for Newsletter mailing, in order of their zip code, for mailing
h) Draw names for “Booster Club Member of the Game”, each month
i) Fax winning Booster Club numbers and names to Don Stevens, at the Amerk Office, by the end of the month, for next month’s announcements. Playoffs – depending on how many games played
j) Post names on Booster Club board at each home game
k) For the annual “Meet the Player’s Dinner”, determine 10 year members. Order pins from Recognition Experts at 442-3400. Fax them list of names and they will prepare the pins. Also have Booster Club Plaque engraved with 25 year members for presentation at the Dinner. Give to President 10-15-25 40 year members for announcement at the Dinner. 40-Year members receive a “special” pin, as well as an invitation to the annual MTPD as quests. They also become Life Members, no longer having to pay dues, but still have voting privileges

Numbers are as follows:
a) 100 Series for Charter Members
b) 150 Series form Honorary Members
c) 200 Begin General Membership
d) LM = Lifetime Member

a) Create and copy Newsletter
b) Deliver by 1st of the month
c) December will be the last Newsletter a member will receive, if they have not renewed their Membership
d) Place notice in the November and December Newsletter, if Membership is not renewed
e) Stamp, label and tape close the Newsletter
f) Deliver via normal postal service
g) Canadian mail cannot be Bulk mailed, needs to be U.S. stamped
h) Deliver to the Post Office five (5) working days before end of the month
i) Needs updated copy of full membership list
j) Provides information to Chairperson of Web-site

a) Laminator
b) Laminate material

a) One (1) per month for Newsletter
b) One (1) for each game worked for Membership application