PICbliek2Mary Bliek


Reports are released via the newsletter.


Job Description

Appointed by the President

Assists the President in insuring constitutionality of all actions and keeps on-going and complete records of attendance through non-election years, for election qualification purposes. Keeps history of all Club functions

a) Attends monthly meetings on a regular basis. If unable to attend, ensures that a qualified assistant is present
b) Develops a working knowledge and understanding of Club’s Constitution and By-laws
c) Responsible for safe keeping of a master copy of the Constitution and By-laws
d) Ensures that all actions and procedures are in compliance with the Constitution and By-laws
e) Makes recommendations to the Executive Committee, to amend the By-laws, if it appears changes and/or additions may be desirable for the “Good of the Club”
f) Ensures proper amendment procedure is followed in accordance with Article XIV of the By-laws
g) Submits amended By-laws to the Member Communications Chairperson to have new pages printed. Distributes amended By-laws to all Executive Committee members and any other interested members
h) Advises regarding proper :Rules of Order” at General Meeting, consulting Roberts Rules of Order, if the situation is not covered in the Club’s Constitution or By-laws
i) Maintains attendance records of all General and Executive Committee Meetings, submitted by the Club Secretary, for the purpose of determining eligibility to hold elected offices

a) Chairs the Nominating Committee, consisting of two (2) assistants along with the Parliamentarian, appointed by the Executive Committee and confirmed by Membership, formed in October of each odd number year
b) Presents a list of members eligible to run for elected offices at the November Meeting
c) Contacts each nominee, who has informed the Committee of his/her interest in running for Office and obtains a written acceptance
d) Present list of nominees to the Membership, at the December General Meeting and calls for further nominations from the floor
e) Upon closing of nominations, the Nomination Committee becomes the Election Committee
f) Presents the slate of candidates for Offices to the General Membership, at the January Meeting
g) Provides absentee ballots to members, at their request
h) Ensures proper procedure is followed using absentee ballots
i) Coordinates election, counts ballots and determines election winners
j) Announces the names of the winners after all ballots are counted, at the March General Meeting
k) Destroys all ballots one (1) month after the election is held
l) The Election Committee is then officially dissolved