Sunshine Committee

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  • Jenny Schuber




Reports are included in the newsletter


Job Description

Appointed by the President

a) Request that members notify you of weddings, births, illness and deaths, associated with Club Members or Amerk Office personnel
b) Purchase gifts for members who get married ($15.00 gift)
c) Purchase gifts for members who have babies ($15.00 per baby)
d) Select gift ideas for “End of the Year” gifts to be given to players and team personnel, as determined by the Club need to order 50 items. Get two or more prices for the selected gifts and get approval from General Membership for the gift and purchase selection by February meeting
e) Present check requests to the Treasurer, to be reimbursed for the above gifts, along with the gift wrapping and cards
f) Submit requests to the Treasurer for Memorials, for deaths of members or their immediate families ($15.00 amount)
g) Prepare a budget each May to submit to the Treasurer, for the July meeting

Give verbal report of updates to board whenever needed

a) Give verbal report of all cards and thank yours received from previous month
b) Give verbal report of all gifts and cards purchased and sent out
c) Submit written report, of the same, to the Secretary
d) Submit written report for the monthly Newsletter

One per month