Dennis Spangenburg


  • Barb Jorosinski


Published in Newsletter

Job Description

Appointed by the newly elected Board

a) After receiving hockey schedule, make list of tentative games for excursions
b) Present choices to the Board for discussion and approval
c) Prepare a tentative schedule of trips (you may change with Board approval)
d) About 3 months before trips, get information on hotels and tickets for games (include prices for Quad, Triple, Double and Single)
e) Prepare sign-up sheets and fact sheets about each trip
f) Prices for bus include hotel, bus, tickets, munchies, and driver tip
g) Send letters to Booster Club informing them of your plans to visit their area
h) After sign-up are complete, write the Booster Club and inform them of your final plans and number attending
i) Send deposits to the hotel and send for tickets ahead of time
j) Buy munchies and soda for the bus
k) Keep accurate count of people on the bus from departure to return
l) Be patient with people, and be open to suggestions for additional trips and ideas for future trips

a) Be available to answer questions
b) Be available for sign-ups, deposits and final payments

Give verbal report of all updates

a) Verbally give report of updates and previous trips
b) Prepare written report and submit to Secretary
c) Prepare written report for monthly Newsletter

a) Responsible for handling Convention plans
b) Getting information on Convention to the membership
c) Sending the AHL Convention Committee information and deposits for attending members
d) Collecting and submitting final payments
e) If Convention a distance, coordinate a bus to transport members to Convention, if warranted. This can be coordinated with other Booster Clubs if necessary

One per every working game