Ways & Means / Lottery

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  • Brenda Smith

For this coming season we will be going back to the Lottery Calendars we had a few years ago, with the New York State Lottery Evening (Daily) Number. We are selling them at $20. If your number is exact, the payout is $25. If your number is one below or above, the payout is $5 going to you and $5 to the seller. These make great stocking stuffers and gifts for friends and family. We were able to sell $380.00 at convention this year; a great start! For more information or to purchase, please see Virginia or Ann Paddock

Job Description

Appointed by the newly elected Board

a) Purchase raffle tickets before start of the season, as well as, when tickets run out
b) Prepare tickets for the raffles, tearing into strips and rubber banding
c) Get approval from Amerk Office, for new raffles or sale items, to be offered during games
d) Keep records of all monies taken in or given out, on raffles
e) Chairperson or Board Liaison for all money making projects
f) Prepare and submit annual Ways and Means budget to the Board
g) Order Lottery Calendars in August so they are available to take to Convention
h) Appoint assistant to do Lottery Calendars
i) Person appointed will keep a check book register and ledger sheet. Will also reconcile the bank statement with check book and ledger each month
j) Sells Lottery Calendars before game and between 1st and 2nd periods and turns money into Ways and Means Chairman
k) Keep file of sold tickets and mail out checks

a) Make sure workers have needed supplies (tickets, signs, etc.)
b) Count money with Treasurer
c) Verify accuracy of money collected from raffle
d) Divide money between winners, Club and Exec Foundation
e) Oversee drawing of winning numbers, making sure numbers are announced and posted
f) Verify winning tickets and distribute prizes
g) Notify Amerk Office with the winning number for the 50/50 raffle for posting

Give report of updates

a) Verbally give report of updates
b) Submit written report to Secretary, for recordkeeping
c) Prepare written report for monthly Newsletter
d) Coordinate door prizes and 50-50 raffle with Club, with half of monies going to selected charity

a) One for each game worked
b) Lottery assistant one for each game worked